About Ayhanlar Platform

Founded in 1997, our company Ayhanlar Platform started to provide for the needs of the sector by using the first high operation platforms in the developing industry of basket platform renting in our country.

It achieved industry first in Platform renting with new and developed vehicles by following the advancing European and Global technology closely. We aim to be a pioneer of platform renting sector in our country by converting our experience and strength into a corporate structure.


One of the basic principles of our company is keeping the customer satisfaction high by training our staff in quality standards. With our various and special on-vehicle basket platforms, trussed and vertical platforms, tracked and jointed platform models, we reach heights of 5 meters to 70 meters.

Dizel Eklemli

Akülü Makaslı Platform

Eklemli Platform

Dikey Platform

Our Vehicles' Operation Areas

It provides professional and safe access to our vehicles' operation areas; shopping malls, factory repair and maintenance works, tall buildings, decoration, cleaning, lighting works, electricity and mechanical plumbing works, individual works that require working in narrow spaces, construction sites and areas accessible by vehicle and tall buildings.

Our Mission

Achieving a strong corporal structure and ensure unconditional customer satisfaction by increasing the competitiveness of company through sustainable growth.

Our Vision

Becoming a professional and innovative company with our employees by following the developments of the changing world.

Our Values

Customer Orientation, Innovation, Solution Making, Law Obedience, Valuing and Respecting Humans, Team Spirit, Work Perfection.

Our Principles

Providing Fast Solutions to Problems, Vehicles of International Standards, Keeping One’s Words, Regular Training, Occupational and Environmental Safety